23 in 60

Amtrak train on the Denver Union Station, loading passengers to go to Chicago.


For anyone who might be coming across my site for the next two months that doesn’t know, I’ll be taking a two month long train trip around the country. I’ll be stopping at various cities along the way, and of course photographing it. I’m gonna post as much as I can here on the site, but if you have Instagram that is where you’ll see more frequent posts.

I started the trip April 6th going from Denver to Chicago. Got into Chicago on the 7th, spent the night, then headed to Detroit on the 8th. I spent the 9th, 10th, and 11th trekking around Detroit. And today the 12th, I make my way to Cleveland. Luckily the train I’m on now has wifi, so I’m able to put a little post together.

A little about the trip. This has been a dream trip since probably 6th grade. I like the idea of meeting the country on the train while seeing the country outside the train. At the moment I’m calling this trip/project 23 in 60. The 23 is the number of segments I will travel on Amtrak and 60 the number of days I’ll do the trip in.

I’m shooting film (but will also be taking iPhone shots to post while traveling. I’m packed about 200 rolls of Tri-X 400 120 film, and I’m shooting on a Mamiya 6. There’s a hope to do something with the photos when the trip is done, but for now I’m just trying to enjoy the moments and worry about that later.

For now I’m gonna stick with this short post. Hopefully before the end of the day I will have a post about the trip to this point.

I look forward to sharing the bad, good, and amazing of this trip with you. Thanks for stopping by!

-Tom Wright


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