Blast From The Past: Cross Process At The Beach

Rooftop for a rest area at Dockweiler State Beach, Los Angeles, CA sometime between 2004-2005. Camera: Nikon N80, Film: Kodak Ektachrome 100 Plus, Development: cross processed.


I’m pretty busy with a few different photo projects at the moment, so hopefully you’ll forgive the inconsistency of my post. Some of my post will have interesting facts related to them, some will just be a long chat about shooting the image, and others will be just simple post of images. Whenever I have the time, I will make each post more involved but for now I want to focus on the projects.

This image was shot back when I was studying photography at Santa Monica College, I think around 2004 or 2005. I used Kodak Ektachrome 100 Plus slide film, that was then cross processed. I also remember shooting it with the Nikon N80, as that was my only 35mm camera at the time. Back then I either shot with the N80 or the Mamiya 645.

I remember this being an assignment for class, to shoot cross processed work. I went where I normally went at the time to try out new stuff, Dockweiler State Beach. It was my favorite place to shoot in LA because it had so many different scenes to it.

First, it was always fun to be on the beach next to the ocean. Part of the beach was very dirty, because it is the only beach in LA you can have bonfires. Part of the beach was noisy, because planes from LAX took off right above the beach. Then part of the beach was very quiet and secluded. It was an great place to go when inspiration failed me, helped me always jump start my ideas.

I usually clean up all the dust and hair marks on the image after scanning the negative, but I felt it fit with this image, so I’ve left it as scanned.


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